SND-700. MLS Universal Steam Sound card 6 to 24 volts. 
Five auxiliary sounds.


The MLS universal steam sound card provides a range of sounds for your steam locomotive. 6-24v. Six auxiliary sounds are included. Use of the sound card requires an 8 ohm speaker. The sound card is fully compatible with the SND-710 remote control handset, which gives full control over the sounds available without having to take the loco apart.

Easy installation using screw terminals with no soldering.

Uses a remote control to adjust the volume and sounds to match the prototype loco.

Provides a chuff sound which matches the loco speed and load.

Sixteen pre-selected whistles, each with adjustable tone to suit the loco.

Selectable sounds include whistle, bell, safety valve, “All aboard”, brake pump, injector, guard's whistle and brake squeal.

For track powered DC or battery powered radio controlled railways.

Measures 55mm by 33mm by 11mm.

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