Rx-22 H receiver for use with the OMNI Tx-2.0 and Tx-2.1 train 


The OMNI FRx22 receiver features electronic speed control output, three switch-to-ground auxiliary outputs, a data output allowing the attachment of add-on modules such as the MCS-1 and an operating voltage of 3-5.5V DC. The receiver also has a cruise control mode. 41.3 mm by 19.0 mm by 11.0 mm (excluding connectors), available with horizontal or vertical pins. Optional long aerial (125mm with 32mm tip aerial).

The OMNI FRx22 is UK-made and supported. The 2.4 GHz radio frequency is completely legal in the UK for licence-free operation, and is designed to operate reliably in today's busy radio environment, without interference from other devices. The receiver range is up to 800m.

The OMNI FRx22 receiver features quick and easy binding. No bind plug is required! You can bind in 3 seconds to any OMNI transmitter. Every transmitter has a unique ID code. Model data is stored in the receiver, so a model can be bound to any OMNI transmitter and still function correctly.

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