Grey GTX1 transmitter with a regulator knob, forward-reverse switch, 
four switches for auxiliary channels, and an on-off switch.


GigaRad Radio Control System Component.

Designed for control of both battery electric and live steam vehicles.

Fully UK legal for licence free operation in 2.4 GHz Model RC band.

Compatible with all GigaRad receiver/controllers.

Every transmitter has unique coded ID number which can be bound to any GigaRad receiver/controller.

Up to 100 metre range with GigaRad receiver in normal model or garden railway environment.

One analogue speed channel.

One digital Forward / Off / Reverse channel.

Four switched digital auxiliary channels for control of horns and lights.

Servo calibration functions for live steam vehicles.

111mm x 66 mm x 50 mm.

Designed for one handed operation.

Powered by two AA batteries with 100 hours plus life.

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