Radio control system component, wrapped in black, with pins sticking out.


GigaRad Radio Points System Component.

For control of semaphore signal arms, using standard RC servo as operating mechanism.

Fully UK legal for licence free operation in 2.4 GHz RC Model Control band.

Combined receiver and controller, with internal Aerial.

Compatible with all GigaRad Point System transmitters.

Up to 100 metre range with GPTX10 transmitter in normal model or garden railway environment.

Standard RC PWM output to servo, with up to 90 degree rotation angle.

Controlled rotation rate for realistic signal arm motion - 0.8 s for 90 degree rotation.

Fully user programmable for servo end positions and rotation angle, from transmitter.

47mm x 35 mm x 11 mm.

4.8 to 6 V d.c. supply - 4 x AA cells.

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