GigaRad Radio Control System Component.

For Live Steam Vehicles with separate servos for Regulator and Reverser.

The FGRX2 receiver has all the features of the OMNI Rx3 receiver, but is designed for use with the GigaRad range of transmitters. It features programmable four servo operation. S1 and S2 are infinitely variable, S3 features three positions, and S4 features two positions.

Fully UK legal for licence free operation in 2.4 GHz RC Model Control band. The 2.4 GHz radio frequency is completely legal in the UK for licence-free operation, and is designed to operate reliably in today's busy radio environment, without interference from other devices.

Available with internal aerial or long aerial. Please phone or email to specify.

Compatible with all GigaRad transmitters and accessories.

Up to 100 metre range with the GigaRad transmitter in normal model or garden railway environment.

47mm x 35 mm x 11 mm.

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